why fitness tips by Celebs are not helpful

why fitness tips by Celebs are not helpful

When it comes to being fit, celebrities have a lot of things like a regular trainer, flexible schedule, money etc.

This is how Celebs come in short time and make such a fabulous body.

Every year, at least one such film is released in Bollywood where the actor transforms his body in a tremendous way for a particular character, which makes people crazy.

There are many videos and posts which debate whether the condition of the condition of the steroids spoiled due to the use of steroids, what was the diet, how was training, etc.

The debate goes on, and then everyone forgets it with the passage of time, and then, another movie comes and the same sequence gets released again.

One interesting thing is that many news and media outlets interview these celebs and ask them fitness tips for youngsters and others and they tell, but the thing to think about is whether they give complete information Are you

priyanka chopra workout

I know that the belief in your mind about the fitness of some Celebs may have started to weaken.

So friends, today I will tell you some such points from which you will be able to find out why Akshay Kumar, Milind Soman, are not right to give information about fitness.

They are not nutritionists or personal trainers.

Knowing about nutrition, macros etc. is not their job. It is like asking the pilot of an airplane how the ship flies because they have traveled in an airplane.

Those who give Celebs, they eat it according to their diet schedule.

They know little about what the nutrition or macros are, how much they take, or what micronutrients it contains.

 fitness tips by Celebs

Celebs do this in a discarded time that can be detrimental to somebody else.

Every actor does 3 to 4 movies a year at this time. While first they used to do only one blockbuster, and that year only took advantage of them.

But now this industry is full of talented people and they have to be more in front of the audience to stay in the eye of the audience.

Therefore, according to the characters, they need to change their look so that they change their appearance.

This thing will be madness for a man who works from 9 am to 5 pm, when he tries to repeat the methods given by them. Therefore, this method of Celebes also does not work on you.

This is their only job.

If you have seen Aamir Khan’s interview of his transformation for ‘Dangal’, then you know that this work is not possible with your job.

They used to go on track 3-3.5 hours a day, had low-calorie food accounts, went to the gym, used to go swimming, cycled or played tennis, and then walked for a walk. It is 8- 9 hours of exercise every day.

Why do they do this? They get money to do this. can you do it? I do not think so.

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Their principles are outdated.

There is much scientific research that has repeatedly proved that the calories we eat and what we spend in this amount is the number of calories that weighs or reduces our weight.

The fact that carbohydrate does not affect eating or eating after 6 o’clock in the evening, and it is also against the rules of thermodynamics.

There is much such research which has shown that sugar is not related to cancer and this is a very difficult problem to try, which is far from a common man’s understanding.

Still, these Bollywood celebs feel that their knowledge is better than those scientists who put their whole life into research and study.

Here are some of the things that have been reported from the Celbes.

“Sugar is poison” – Milind Soman

“Do not eat carbs at night” -Overun Dhawan

“Do not Eat After 6.30pm” – Akshay Kumar

 fitness tips by Celebs

They take steroids.

If you really think that they are all natural, then you are living in deception and I will be happy to break those false truths for you.

Take a look at this video where Ranbir Kapoor says that he takes Clenbuterol (a banned drug) for his transformation and that Shahid Kapoor never takes it.

Taking drugs to make the body (Ranbir Kapoor and Sushant Singh) –

If you still place these people on your eyelids and do what they say, then do it, though I have stressed that it is better not to do so.

Now you have come to understand how you come to believe in Celebes and believe in them.

If you have any help from this article, then share your experiences with us. We will share them on our social media platform.

why fitness tips by Celebs are not helpful

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