Vinaya Vidheya Rama Song Mp3 Download

vinaya vidheya rama song

Song Title: Thandaane Thandaane
Artist: M. L. R. Karthikeyan
Movie: Vinaya Vidheya Rama
Released: 2018

సాంగ్ టైటిల్: తాండానే తాండానే
ఆర్టిస్ట్: ఎం. ల. ర్. కార్తికేయన్
మూవీ: వినయ విధేయ రామ
రెలీజ్డ్: ౨౦౧౮

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vinaya vidheya rama Songs Mp3 Download

Song Title: Thassadiyya

Artists: M.M. Manasi, Jaspreet Jasz
Released: 2018

సాంగ్ టైటిల్: ఆర్టిస్ట్స్: ఎం.ఎం. మనసి, జస్ప్రీత్ జడ్జ్
మూవీ: వినయ విధేయ రామ
రెలీజ్డ్: ౨౦౧౮

Song Title: Ek Baar
Artists: Ranina Reddy, DSP
Released: 2018

సాంగ్ టైటిల్: ఏ బార్
ఆర్టిస్ట్స్: రాణిని రెడ్డి, డీస్పీ
మూవీ: వినయ విధేయ రామ
రెలీజ్డ్: ౨౦౧౮

vinaya vidheya rama

Song Title: Rama Loves Seeta
Artists: Priya Himesh, Simha
Movie: Vinaya Vidheya Rama
Released: 2018

సాంగ్ టైటిల్: రామ లవ్స్ సీతా
ఆర్టిస్ట్స్: ప్రియ హిమేష్, సింహా
మూవీ: వినయ విధేయ రామ
రెలీజ్డ్: ౨౦౧౮

Song Title: Amma Naana
Artist: Kaala Bhairava
Released: 2018

సాంగ్ టైటిల్: అమ్మ నానా
ఆర్టిస్ట్: కాల భైరవ
మూవీ: వినయ విధేయ రామ
రెలీజ్డ్: ౨౦౧౮

అమ్మ నాన్న లేని పసి వాళ్లు,
అయన అని unnollu,
నింగి నెల వీరి నేస్తలు,
కొమ్మ రెమ్మ చుట్టాలు,
అది పాడే పండవులు,

కళతే లేని మహారాజు,
ఈ బంధం లేని బంధువులు,
కలిసి ఉంటారనట ఎనలేని రోజులు,
లాలి జో. లాలి జో.
లాలి జో. లాలి జో

కదిలే దేహాలే aidhaayina,
Pranaam matraam okate ga,
Veru moolaalani verayina,
Velle margam matram okate ga,
Oka rakhtam kane kakunna,

Anthamina kalisi unnaru ga,
Ee bandham pere vivaranga,
Vivarinche maate janminchaledu ga,
Lali jo, Lali jo.
Lali Jo, Lali jo.

Mega power star Ram Charan songs Download

mp3 song download ek baar

Mega power star Ram Charan is yet to adapt up from his ongoing excursion ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ which neglected to make marvels in the cinematic world.

The motion picture was discharged in the midst of much display and made much expectation through blurbs and trailers.

‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ discharged directly after his profession best hit-‘Rangasthalam’ which made a non-baahubali in the movie business.

Uber fans were energized that Charan would keep on exciting them. Tragically, the film couldn’t meet either the fans or the gathering of people’s desires.

Charan execution and probing diverse type got a gigantic round of acclaim from fans and commentators.

As all of you know, crowds are anticipating relatable substance which keeps them locked in.

Ram Charan is the child of Tollywood symbol megastar Chiranjeevi. Like dad, Charan too appreciates a strong fan following in over the globe.

He has expanded his fan following even in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with his acting ability just as conveying blockbuster hits.

As of late, ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ named rendition was discharged in Tamil and Malayalam.

Reports recommend that Ram Charan’s film is notwithstanding enduring admirably in Chennai and Kerala.

Up until now, the film has figured out how to gather Rs 2 Crores from the two states which were somewhat stunning to exchange circles.

In these areas Additionally, this motion picture is crawling towards to wind up a failure in the box office.

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